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American Roulette

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American Roulette

Roulette may be a game with European origins, but it has long since become popular throughout the world, including the United States. American roulette is now one of the two main versions of this casino classic, popular throughout most of North and South America, as well as in the Caribbean. It is also commonly offered at online casino sites, which usually spread both versions of the games (sometimes with other variants as well).

Among fans of the game, the American variation tends to get something of a bad rap. It is true that it comes with a higher house edge than European tables, with no real advantages to make up for that fact. But it’s still a very social and entertaining game, and if this version is the only one available, you may well find that you will enjoy playing it all the same. Check out our free roulette simulator above and you’ll see for yourself what a great time American roulette offers.

The Basics

Roulette is a game in which players place bets on where a ball will land on a circular wheel that contains dozens of different numbered pockets. On an American roulette wheel layout, you will see 38 pockets in total: the numbers 1-36, as well as 0 (zero) and 00 (double zero). Each of these pockets is exactly the same size, meaning all numbers are equally likely to be hit on any given spin. The zero and double zero are painted green, while the remaining numbers are evenly split between red and black.

Before each spin, players have the options of making as many bets as they like, with a variety of different options offered. Of course, you can also choose to pick a single number and run with it, hoping that it will be hit. However, number combinations can also be covered by a single bet. Wagers are made over a large layout on the table next to the wheel; in a live casino, there is plenty of room for multiple players to start around the table and reach out to place their own bets.

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Here’s a quick rundown of the betting options available on an American table, divided into the “inside” bets – which generally cover only a few numbers or less – and “outside bets,” which cover large portions of the wheel at lower payouts.

Inside Bets

Single: A bet covering a single number that pays out at 35-1.

Split: A bet covering any two adjacent numbers on the layout that pays 17-1.

Street: A bet that covers a row of three numbers, paying out 11-1.

Corner: A bet covering a “square” of four numbers that pays 8-1.

Six-Line: A bet covering two consecutive rows (six numbers in total) which pays out at 5-1.

Top Line: A bet that covers the 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3, which pays 6-1.

Outside Bets

Column Bets: These bets cover a column of 12 numbers, and pay out at 2-1 odds.

Dozen Bets: These bets cover 12 consecutive numbers (such as 1-12 or 13-24), and also pay out at 2-1.

Odd/Even: These bets cover the appropriate 18 numbers, and pay out at even money.

Red/Black: These bets cover all numbers of the color selected, paying out at even money.

1-18/19-36: These bets cover all of the numbers in the range selected, and again pay even money.

In a live game, players will be able to make bets for a minute or so before the croupier (or dealer) will place the ball in the outside of the wheel, causing it to spin rapidly. Players will then have a few more seconds to finalize their bets before the croupier closes the action. Once the winning number is determined, the losing chips will be swept off the table, and then winning wagers will be paid before the table opens again for more betting.

Since this is a game that can accommodate many different players, steps need to be taken to ensure that each player’s bets can be identified. This is usually done by having each player convert their money into special chips that are only valid at the roulette table. Each player gets their own color, which can represent any denomination that is appropriate: a typical low-stakes player might use their chips at $1 each, while other players might count each chip as $5 or more.

Of course, none of these measures are required in online versions of this game. When you play on our roulette simulator or at one of our top online casinos, you can take long as you want to figure out your bets and trigger a spin whenever you like, allowing you to have full control over the pace of play.

Double Zero Consequences

The American roulette game differs from its European counterpart in only one notable way: the presence of two zeroes on the wheel instead of just one. Unfortunately, this is universally a bad thing for players, which means that when you have the choice, you’ll probably want to play the European version.

The issue comes from the fact that both games offer the same payouts for all bets. These payouts are mathematically designed to be 100% fair for a wheel with 36 pockets; any extra pockets give the casino the advantage. On a European wheel, there is just one extra pocket (the single zero), which sets the house edge at 2.70%.

The second zero on America wheels nearly doubles that edge, increasing it to 5.26%. In fact, the difference is sometimes even larger: some European games use rules that offer players even better odds on even money bets by sometimes returning part or all of their bet if the result of the spin is a zero. With the action and gameplay being exactly the same in both versions, it’s clear that European roulette is without a doubt the better bet for players.

Strategies in a Luck-Based Game

There’s nothing (legal) that you can do to influence what number the ball will fall on, and the days of biased wheels at casinos is all but over, which means that your results in roulette will almost certainly come down to pure luck. But we can still give you a few ideas that might make the game a bit more enjoyable, and help you avoid some common mistakes.

First, it’s important to realize that while almost all bets on the table have the exact same house edge (5.26% in the American game), there is one major exception. The unusual bet that covers the two zeroes and 1, 2 and 3 offers 6-1 odds, but this isn’t quite enough to measure up with all of the other wagers on the table. This option comes with a 7.9% house edge, by far the worst figure in the game.

You might also hear about some betting systems that other players will swear can help you overcome the house edge in this game. We’re sorry to say that this isn’t the case: no sequence of bets can change the fact that the casino has the advantage on each one you make. That said, they also can’t hurt you mathematically, so if you find one you enjoy, feel free to use it!

For instance, many players enjoy using the Martingale system, in which they start with a small wager on one of the even money bets and then double it after every loss, returning to the initial amount after a win. This system typically leads to a small win eventually, as any win will cover all of the previous losses. However, there is a danger: if you lose several times in a row, you may get to a point where you either hit the table maximum or cannot cover your next double, leading to a catastrophic loss.

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, Roulette is a game of luck and every outcome you get is based on chance. We think that the best way to prepare yourself is by knowing the rules and the different bets you can make so can figure out which ones work for you. Play our roulette simulator for free right here on this page and familiarise yourself with the game before you play for real money.

Better Than Its Reputation

Despite the unflattering comparisons to its European cousin, American roulette is not a bad game. Yes, if you have the choice between the two versions, you should always pick the single-zero layout: that’s just common sense. But when the two zero option is the only one available, that doesn’t mean you have to stay away from the table.

Despite the higher house edge, American roulette still has the same relaxed pace of play, classic atmosphere, and social gaming feel that has made it popular for well over a century now. And with the possibility of a jackpot-like payout on every spin, we’re confident that people will be lining up to play this game at casinos worldwide for centuries to come. Scroll back up and play American Roulette on our free roulette simulator today.

American Roulette

The American version of Roulette is a classic roulette variant popular among traditionalists. Though a little complicated than the French and European roulette, it has more thrill, and excitement . For players to win the game, they need to get acquainted with the James Bond and Martingale roulette systems.

Player looking to venture into the game will find useful information regarding:

The ins and outs of the game

The best sites to play the game

The ideal betting systems for the game

Play American Roulette

History of American Roulette

During the 18th century, French immigrants began fleeing to Louisiana as a result of the French revolution. They introduced the French Roulette in New Orleans, the gambling capital of the USA. However, native casino operators didn’t like this version of the Roulette because it had a low house edge. Consequently, they added a double zero to the single zero on the European Roulette , increasing the house edge to 12.90%. Early versions of the American Roulette game had an American eagle symbol, double zero, and single zero with numbers ranging from 1-28. If the ball lands on any of these three symbols, the player loses. The game evolved, adding more numbers to the wheel, i.e., 1-36, 0, and 00.

How to play American Roulette?

Just as other Roulette variations, the objective of the American Roulett is to predict the numbered pocket where the ball lands. Player place bets on different numbers after which the dealer spins the American Roulette wheel in one direction and the ball in the opposite. The player can place single bets or a combination of bets once the wheel until the dealer calls out ‘no more bets.’ American Roulette bets comprise inside and outside bets and present different odds.

Inside bets include:

  • Straight bets: where the payer bets on a single number, including 0 and 00
  • The split bet: betting on two numbers. The bet is placed between the two numbers
  • Street bet: betting on three numbers. The player places the bet at the end of the row. Other options for placing this bet include 0,00,2; 0,1,2; and 00,2, and 3.
  • Corner bet: Betting on four numbers to form a square. The bet is placed at the corner where all the numbers touch.
  • The five-line: A bet on five numbers that include 00,0, 1, 2, and 3. The player places the bet at the corner on numbers 0 and 1.
  • Line: It involves betting on two sets of street bets and placing the bet at the end of the two rows.

Outside bets:

  • Odd/even bets: Wagers made on odd or even numbers
  • Column bet: A bet on all the 12 numbers on the right, left or middle section
  • Dozen: Bets made on 12 numbers on three consecutive rows
  • Bet on color: Wagers made on black or red numbers
  • Bets on Low or High: Wagers made on numbers 1-18 or 19-36

Inside bets have higher pay-outs than outside bets, but players taking on these bets have a lower probability of winning. Outside bets provide a safer option for players looking to make small wins fast. Players who are adamant on placing inside bets should avoid making single number bets and focus on wagering on adjacent numbers like street bets, split bets, and corner bets.

Difference to other variations

The roulette wheel has three different variations: the American, French, and European Roulette. Each of the variations presents advantages over others, it’s up to players to identify those benefits and leverage on them. To begin with, the American Roulett has 36 numbers, a single and a double zero while the French Roulette has 36 numbers and a single zero. The inclusion of a double zero-digit in the pockets makes the American Roulette game riskier than other variants given the increased house edge of up to 5.3% . As such, players have higher odds of winning the French Roulette.

Another difference between the French and the American variants lies in the distribution of the chips. The American Roulette game offers players different color of chips, so players can identify the bets quickly. The French Roulette uses chips of the same color, so players have to remember where they have placed their bets.

The primary difference between the European and American variants lies in the house edge. The European variant has a house edge of 2.7% while the American has a higher one of 5.26% . Also, the European Roulette offers the En Prison betting option, which allows the player to get half of his bet back if the ball lands on zero. This slight difference makes the European variant favourable to new players.

A single spin or multiple spins do not give players adequate information regarding the fairness of the game and other players. As such, players should avoid betting all their monies from the onset without acquainting themselves with the game. The best way to learn how to play American Roulette is to try out the free play option . Many online casinos offer this alternative to enable new players to familiarize with the American Roulette table, rules and find out the best American Roulette strategy. Other online casinos offer a free play account credited with demo money , which is extremely useful to new players who want to learn about American Roulette terms and betting systems.

American Roulette odds are calculated by determining the chance the player has for winning versus the probability of losing. For example, if a player makes a split bet on two numbers, the odds are calculated as 38:2. Keep in mind that, according to the American Roulette rules, the pay-out is not in accordance to your amount wagered; instead, players receive a lower pay-out as a result of the high house edge of 5.26%. Outside bets have higher odds than inside bets. The straight-up bet, for example, has a winning odd of 2.63% while the dozen bet has an odd of 31.57%.

The Roulette has a range of betting strategies:
The Martingale:
It is the simple and is the best when playing the classic roulette variant like the American Roulette. The idea is to cover the backside by starting with an even bet on black, red, even, and odd bets. If you win, continue betting using the same amount and if you lose, double the bet to cover the loss.
The James Bond Strategy:
The player starts by splitting the player’s bet into three: the highest amount on the high numbers (19-36) and the lesser ones on 13-18, and the zero. The premise is to cover as many numbers to increase the player’s chance of winning.
This strategy requires players double their bets after winning and keep doubling until they win three bets in a row.

American Roulette

Geschiedenis roulette in Amerika

Roulette is een gokspel dat al vele eeuwen bestaat. Al in de 18 e eeuw werd het spel in gokhuizen in Frankrijk aangeboden. Door de enorme populariteit werd roulette snel onderdeel van het vaste spelaanbod van ieder casino in de wereld. Europese immigranten namen het spel dan ook mee naar Amerika. Wat veel mensen niet weten is dat de eerste vormen van roulette altijd een wiel hadden met zowel een enkele als dubbele nul. Pas in de 19 e eeuw, toen in 1860 het casino in Monte Carlo werd opgericht, deed het wiel met de enkele groene nul pas zijn intrede. Door de verbeterde winkansen van deze variant werd dit dan ook de nieuwe standaard die gokkers verwachten. Een snelle verspreiding door de rest van Europa was het gevolg. Behalve in Amerika waar ze nog op de oude manier bleven spelen. De variant met een 0 en 00 op het wiel is daarom bekend komen te staan als American Roulette.

Top casino’s waar je voor echt geld kunt spelen:

Indeling speelveld en inzetmogelijkheden

De indeling van het Amerikaanse speelveld is hetzelfde als Europese Roulette. Zo staan de verschillende inzetmogelijkheden bijvoorbeeld allemaal met Engelse woorden aangegeven. Er is een 1st 12, 2nd 12 en 3rd 12 vakje waarop je kunt inzetten. Tevens is er de inzetmogelijkheid 1 to 18 of 19 to 36 en even of oneven. Wel een verschil is dat bovenaan het speelveld twee groene vlakken zijn met de cijfers 0 en 00. Ook de volgorde waarop de cijfers op het wiel zijn ingedeeld zijn verschillend tussen Europese en Amerikaanse roulette. De variant Frans Roulette heeft dezelfde indeling van het wiel als European Roulette. Wel hebben de twee varianten een totaal andere indeling van het speelveld. Hier staan namelijk termen op in de Franse taal. Over het algemeen kunnen we zeggen. Dat als je Europese variant kunt spelen. Je ook geen moeite zult hebben om de Amerikaanse variant te begrijpen.

Gevolgen winkansen extra groene nul

De aanwezigheid van de extra groene nul in American Roulette heeft een significante invloed op je winkansen. De groene cijfers op het wiel is immers waar het casino zijn voordeel uithaalt. Indien je namelijk een inzet plaatst op rood of zwart, dan speel je exact de helft van de cijfers 1 tot en met 36. Er is echter ook altijd een kans dat de kogel in het wiel op het groene vakje komt stil te liggen. Er is dus een 1 op 37 kans dat zowel rood als zwart niet wint. Doordat Amerikaanse roulette twee groene nullen heeft is de kans hier 2 op 38. Hetzelfde geldt voor de inzetten op losse nummers. Je krijgt namelijk voor een goed geraden uitkomst nog altijd dezelfde 35 op 1 uitbetaling. Dit terwijl je kansen om te winnen geen 1 op 37, maar 1 op 38 zijn. Dit heeft natuurlijk een invloed op je winkansen. Omgerekend in procenten is het casinovoordeel bij de Amerikaanse variant 5.3%. Bij de Franse en Europese versies van het spel is het casino slechts 2.7% in het voordeel om te winnen.

Redenen om American Roulette te spelen

Vanwege de slechtere kansen om te winnen is er een duidelijke reden waarom je de Amerikaanse roulettevariant niet zou moeten spelen. Er zijn echter ook redenen te bedenken waarom je juist wel American Roulette wilt spelen. Zo zal je bijvoorbeeld in het casino de situatie kunnen aantreffen dat tafels zeer druk bezet zijn. In dat geval zal het meestal aan de American Roulette tafels een stuk minder druk zijn. Als je een klein percentage van je winkansen wilt inleveren om lekker rustig te gokken, dan is dit een valide reden om de variant te spelen. Ook kan het zijn dat je graag vasthoudt aan tradities of dat je een grote fan bent van de Verenigde Staten. Waarom dan niet gokken op een manier dat het spel traditioneel gespeeld wordt en hoe het nog altijd in de casino’s van Las Vegas wordt aangeboden. Misschien heb je simpelweg meer geluk iedere keer dat je besluit om op deze tafel te gokken. Geluk is toch de grootste factor die bepaald of je een groot bedrag met roulette weet te winnen.

Strategieën die je kunt gebruiken met gokken

Hoewel geluk de grootste factor is voor je kansen om te winnen. Is het toch niet verstandig om iedere ronde lukraak op een aantal getallen in te zetten. Het is beter om van tevoren even na te denken hoe je de inzetten zult gaan plaatsen. Er zijn verschillende American Roulette strategieën die je dan aan kunt houden. Een strategie kan je instrueren hoeveel geld je per ronde in moet zetten zoals de Martingale strategie. Of op welke vakjes je de fiches moet plaatsen, zoals bij het zero spel. Er zijn zelfs diverse strategieën waarbij je de uitkomsten van het wiel bestudeert en op basis van deze informatie je inzetten plaatst. Op deze website zullen we verschillende strategieën en systemen met je delen die je tijdens het gokken kunt gebruiken. Let wel op dat deze manieren van spelen niet altijd een directe invloed zullen hebben op je kansen om te winnen. Je kunt er echter wel zeker je voordeel mee doen als je begrijpt hoe een strategie het beste toegepast kan worden.

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