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Live Roulette Online

Playing live roulette online is quite a thing these days as it became one of the most popular casino games. The flicking of the ball, the spinning of the wheel and the rush to place a player’s bet are the ingredients that make this game a fascinating one.

Playing roulette at dedicated roulette sites, particularly those in UK, is the closest thing to playing in Las Vegas without leaving your home. All one needs to do to play this game is to sign up and begin choosing his numbers. But how to know which best live roulette sites to choose? We try our hardcasest to list only websites that are secure, safe and easy to navigate.

Best Roulette Sites in UK June 2020

Spin Rider Casino Review Rating Star

Visit Spinland Casino Review Rating Star

Visit JoReels Casino Review Rating Star

How to Play Live Roulette Online

Playing live roulette online is one of the best choices you can make if you are an online games fan. There are many options to choose from, with live roulette UK. Some of these variations include Dual Roulette, Exclusive Roulette and Aphrodite Roulette, among many others.

You can also follow and watch the games (whether online, live or mobile) from your phone or mobile device, whenever and wherever you want. Just select the live roulette watch icon to do this. You have to place your bet at the table within 20 seconds before the wheel spins. Despite the variations, you must choose from and the maximum and minimum bets being different, you have to play the same way.

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It is now possible to follow up on the progress of those who play live roulette online, on TV. In the comfort of your living room and like other punters, you are able to watch live roulette on TV, bet and follow up on bets, following the advent on TV. There are many live dealer casinos and channels to help you achieve this feat. ITV, Sky and Channel 5 are such channels which will update you in the comfort of your home.

How to Play Roulette Video

Besides reading our tips and guides, you can also watch this video which shows you how to play roulette:

Online Roulette Bonus

There are many Roulette advantages and tactics which, if exploited well, can earn you a lot of live roulette bonus. One of these bonuses is the live roulette no deposit bonus which is accorded to new players upon signing up.

The no deposit bonus allows players to collect their bonuses and to play without needing to make any deposits, as is usually required. Conversely, when you opt in, wager on online or live roulette over the weekend, you are bound to receive 10 percent on winnings or 10 percent refund if you fail to win. This provision is nevertheless limited to a Live Roulette weekend boost.

Sky Live Roulette

Sky Live Roulette is one of the most popular games in the world of mobile live roulette. Some of the reasons for its popularity are good live croupierswho help you play at the exclusive tables. Again, immediately you begin to play, you will begin to earn your comp points, pronto. Sky Live Roulette took its classic game and gave it a sleek and modern look and touch, in the effort to modify its brand setup to become the best live roulette UK. Sky Live Roulette’s services, as well as its competitors’, can be accessed and played right in the comfort of the living room.

Some of the Leading Live Roulette Online Games

  • VIP Roulette
  • London Roulette
  • Speed Roulette
  • Immersive Roulette

What Are the Benefits Of Playing Live Roulette?

Can One Get TV Updates?

One of the advantages of playing on live roulette sites is that the presenter will always update you on cold and hot numbers and gaming trends. These trends and numbers are usually displayed on the screen. Again, the presenter usually briefs you on the numbers and trends that take shape at the onset of the game. This quality starkly distinguishes live roulette from land based casinos.

How Secure Is Live Roulette?

It is obvious that some players have a lot of misgivings on wagering on the Internet. Partly, this concern is rooted in the fact of many scams which thrive in the virtual world. However, this fear ought not to abound, especially when it comes to playing mobile live roulette, since one is able to have the game live on his TV. Moreover, the co-host or presenter spins the wheel under your watch.

Are there any Bonuses in Live Roulette?

There are many bonuses which are specifically tied to live roulette. For instance, UK roulette websites usually offer bonuses on bets in the form of increments between 25 Pounds and 100 Pounds. These games also come with several test chances for new strategies and wagering systems and low minimum bets. To get the best bargain, you can just search online for ‘best live roulette app’ and pick on the hit lists with the most favourable bargains.

Why You Should Consider Live Roulette Online

It is therefore clear that the surging popularity of live roulette online is merely informed by its benefits and not any artificial or plastic marketing gimmicks. For instance, live roulette online can always be followed live almost daily on ITV.

The show is normally streamed live, online, every day, 24/7, so that you can follow every event happening at the live roulette tables. The cashout system is also highly efficient and can easily be accessed by browsing live roulette Paypal.

Live Roulette Sites Guide

If you have played Roulette for real money before, then playing live will be easy, along with players who are new to the game. Roulette is fun and simple to understand and playing online is a thrilling experience. All you need is to learn the basics of the game and play a few times for free. This guide will detail every step of the way for you and have you playing live in no time.

Spinit Casino Review Rating Star

Rizk Casino Review Rating Star

Step 1: Read The Roulette Rules And Variants

Understanding the basic rules and knowing the variants is the first move in learning how to win money on Roulette. The Roulette game has a large wheel containing different numbers of pockets, depending on the particular variety. Each pocket is coloured and numbered, with the zeros represented in green. The Roulette game has quite a number of variants, but the main ones you will find in live Roulette are French, American and European.

Step 2: Understand The Bets

Online Roulette has quite a number of bets that can be placed on the table. The bets can be categorised as outside and inside bets. Outside bets constitute large groups of numbers, while inside bets involve a single number from a small selection of numbers. Players can also make a bet on any single number that could be hit on a spin. Players are also free to bet on number pairs that stand adjacent to each other on the Roulette table, together with odds and evens or colours.

Step 3: Making Your Wager

To place your wager, you and other live players will direct the value of chips as bets on the table. One of the live Roulette tips is to select a line or line intersection as an additional bet. This move spreads out the bet making it wider. Technically, doing so will reduce the amount you win but will increase your chances of winning. The more you play, the more you understand how such strategies work.

Step 4: Initiating The Game

The next step after all players have placed their bets, is that the live croupier will spin the wheel in one direction, with the ball sent to the opposite direction.

Players can chat with the dealer and other gamers for a great live experience. For beginners, a good live Roulette strategy is playing the European version, as this has quite a low house edge of 2.7%. Be sure to read the online Roulette rules too before you play for real money.

Step 5: Discovering A Win

The croupier will call out ‘no more bets’ when the ball moves in the direction of the numbered pockets from the outer rim. You can not place or change a bet in this period. When the ball stops, the croupier will place a mark on the game’s grid and announce whichever number has won. The croupier will then remove the betting chips from the table and pay out any winnings. That terminates a round of the online Roulette game, and you can get ready for the next spin!

Summary Of Learning How To Play Live Roulette Fast And Easy

Playing Roulette is actually as easy as it sounds. After you have read the rules and practised for free, make sure you now learn the strategies and tips to win. Disorganised gameplay or betting could lead to you burning your bankroll. Whether you have played before or not, make sure you understand the rules and types of bets. After that, pick a variant that suits you the best and have some fun!

Live Roulette Strategy

Thanks to advancement in technology, playing Roulette has transcended the usual bricks and mortar casinos, becoming available to many players around the world. However, with playing live comes some excitement and new challenges. Having the perfect strategy in Roulette could have you filling up your bankroll from the comfort of your couch.

Strategy 1: Always Start With Bonus Money

If you are new to live Roulette, then your number one Roulette strategy best be to play with bonus money. One great advantage of playing online, is that you get to enjoy deposit bonuses. You can try as many offers as you wish and even play for free with no deposit bonuses until you are confident in playing live Roulette.

Strategy 2: Set Your Goal And Stop When You Achieve

An important Live roulette strategy when you start playing with your own money is to set a loss or profit target and keep it firmly in mind. When you are playing and start making wins, always be prepared to stop playing. Most players get lost in the winning process and keep placing money, forgetting all their Roulette tips and tactics. Others are too determined to make wins after a series of losses. Set your limits and adhere to them.

Strategy 3: Choose A Favourable Live Roulette Variation

Online Roulette is quite diverse in the variations available. For live Roulette, the main versions are the standard American, French and European games. Live Roulette strategy specialists advise that you play the European or French variety. In European Roulette, you get better odds, since it has just one zero on the wheel, compared to the two in American. French Roulette comes with the “en prison” or “la partage” rules, and have a significantly lower house edge, of just 1.35%.

Strategy 4: Follow Your Betting System

If you are playing Roulette for profit making, then having a live Roulette online strategy is crucial. There are quite a number of betting systems, and the Martingale betting system has been tagged the live Roulette big win stimulator. The principle behind this system is that if the player continues winning, their wager remains the same as their initial wager. If the player loses, the following bet is then doubled. When another win is made, irrespective of lost games, the amount is equal to all wagers placed throughout the gameplay.

Strategy 5: Play In Accordance To Your Set Bankroll

Finally, an assured live Roulette strategy that works is having a set bankroll. Having a bankroll, and playing according to it, is a live Roulette strategy to win. With it, players decide their limit on the table they choose to play at. The bankroll is also the guiding basis of the type of bets to place. For players who choose to play without a specific strategy, their bankroll should allow them to play as many hands as possible.

Live Roulette Winning Strategies at a General View

Any live Roulette winning strategy is a journey that needs to be followed step by step if you want to reap rewards from it. Whether you have played Roulette before or not, go back and start from the trials with bonus money, moving forward with every step of the tips. After reading the strategy for live Roulette, the number one rule is to always make sure you are playing at a real money trusted site, before wagering any money.

Live Roulette Tips

Roulette is one of the most popular types of games that has millions of fans around the world. It is a game of luck. However, it requires knowledge of certain rules and lifehacks if you want to win. The process of becoming a professional gamer takes a considerable amount of time. Therefore, you are welcome to read this step-by-step instruction guide with useful Roulette tips!

Tip 1: Choose The Right Type of Roulette

Pick the correct Roulette type. European Roulette is the best option for you for many reasons. First of all, European Roulette does not have a double zero sector. Thus, the chances to win are 1 in 36, unlike the American Roulette, in which the chance is 1 in 37. Mind that when betting in European Roulette you’d have the opportunity to return 97.3% of your bet. When playing American Roulette, the payout ratio is 94.7%. As you can see, money management is of great importance.

Tip 2: Control Your Money

Live Roulette online tips include basic money management. As a beginner, you should realise the importance of the ability to manage your own money. Therefore, the main rule you should follow is to avoid large bets. To win in Live Roulette, you’ve got to determine the limits of potential losses and winnings and calculate the optimal size of your bet that is dependent on the bankroll. Always put aside part of the money you have won. However, there is a unique option for you if a loss is inevitable.

Tip 3: Pick An Option “Surrender”

Live Roulette tips and tricks include an explanation of a unique feature. In European Roulette, there is an interesting option called “Surrender” that would allow you to return some of the lost funds when the ball stops at “0”. In that case, you would not lose the whole amount of your bet, but only half of it. The “Surrender” function does not require you to do much to use it, but due to this option, you would be able to implement many promising roulette strategies further.

Tip 4: Don’t Bet On 5 And Its Multiples

In European Roulette bets on 5 and all of its multiples are extremely disadvantageous. It is easy to understand since European Roulette has no Double Zero option. This is a mathematical calculation: casino provide a chance of winning only 6 to 1. However, there are better betting options for you and that is why it is important to read roulette tips.

Tip 5: Keep Balance Between Internal And External Bets

Tips for live roulette include finding a balance between two major kinds of bets. Internal bets imply Roulette itself, and they are much simpler. External rates can lead to quick loss of money since they are more complex and unpredictable. If you search for some excitement and adrenaline, try external bets. If your goal is winning in the long run and the course for a specific result, then you should prefer internal bets on particular groups of numbers. Search for “tips playing live roulette” and you will find more information.

A Summary On Live Roulette Tips: What You Should Know About Roulettes

Playing Roulette can be insanely difficult for a beginner. However, it is enough to remember a few useful tips that would necessarily help you win. Choose European Roulette, because you would have the opportunity to return more than 97% of your bet. Plan your bets and do not bet all your money at once. Use the option “Surrender” if you feel like you’re about to lose. Don’t bet on 5 and its multiples and prefer internal bets.

Live Roulette

Live dealer roulette

Roulette is a perfect fit for live game developers/operators because a single table and croupier can cater to many players. As such, no matter which live casino you play at there will always be a live roulette table on offer.

European, French, American Roulette tables

European Roulette (single zero) is the most common format, with standard bets and payouts applying. French Roulette tables are also widely offered (also single zero). American (0,00) tables are also available but best avoided if you can help it given the inferior returns that apply!

The difference in theoretical return between these table types is significant: 97.3% for European Roulette, compared with 94.74% for American Roulette.

The sortable gallery below will allow you to quickly filter the various types of tables offered to assist with selection.

What are studio live roulette tables?

Most live roulette tables are situated in purpose built studios, designed solely with the aim of streaming the action online.

Table layouts and wheels used (eg Cammegh, TCS John Huxley) are as you will find inside a traditional casino; as are available bets, odds and payouts.

Because they are purpose built for online play, game capture (lighting, video capture, dealer chat capability etc) can be pretty impressive on these tables. Ironically they can do a better job of re-creating a real roulette experience than the in-casino live roulette tables.

What are in-casino roulette tables?

In-casino tables are a big trend in live gaming right now. These are actual roulette tables situated on the floor of traditional bricks and mortar casinos. You play them live online, while patrons inside the casino play them in the traditional way with real chips.

You can play roulette on tables inside a rapidly growing number of casinos all over the world; London, Italy, Romania, Georgia, Malta and the United States. You can read the complete list of available in-casino tables here.

Whether you play studio tables, or in-casino tables, there are distinct advantages to playing online live roulette over playing the ‘old fashioned’ way at your local casino.

Here you have a clever betting interface that lets you easily place special bets (neighbours etc) at the click of a mouse, view various outcome history charts, check your bet history, or play multiple tables simultaneously. These and other features won’t improve your odds, but they do add a little convenience or spice to the game.

Live Roulette

Play Live Roulette Games

There are a couple of ways that you can play roulette online or on your mobile. You can play virtual, or video roulette, which is a computer simulation of a roulette table (these days these are very life-like).

This is similar in some ways to playing a slot machine, and we review a wide selection of virtual roulette games and casinos on this site.

OR, you can play live roulette, or live dealer roulette at sites like Wombat Casino, in which you place your bets on a real table at a real casino, and watch the action unfold over a webcam feed.

Wombat has both Net Ent and Extreme live gaming feeds. Or check out the live roulette tables over at Betway Live Casino or 32Red – other great options.

Players looking for biased roulette wheels favour these kinds of games. You can also play live games on a TV channel.

UK Live Roulette – Top Casinos

1. Wombat Live Casino | Review
Wombat Casino has live roulette tables from NetEnt, Extreme Live Gaming and Evolution, with cashback on live dealer games at the weekend. You can play on your mobile too.

2. Betfair Live Roulette | Review
A fantastic live roulette bonus here, click for details. Plus a solid range of virtual roulette. 18+ only

Video Showing Immersive Roulette

So which is better? Well, both have their advantages. Virtual roulette is fast, there´s always a seat free and there are hundreds of variants to choose from, whether you prefer French Roulette, Mini Roulette or American Roulette. Live roulette, like the games that you’ll see over at Royal Panda Live Casino, on the other hand, is closer to the experience that you’d get at Las Vegas, Macau or Monaco. The game is played on real wheels. And some people prefer this: a real wheel will have tiny imperfections and some players believe this gives them an edge. We’d caution that these days the wheels are manufactured pretty much flawlessly, but you make up your own mind.

Live Roulette UK – More Casinos

Most of the casinos listed here have virtual roulette games as well (video roulette). Some of them offer an additional bonus for live roulette players, and many of them (such as Paddy Power) also enable you to play live dealer roulette on your mobile or tablet. Some started out offering just live games and have since expanded into virtual games, slots and sports betting.

4. Betfred Live Tables | Review
Betfred has a big selection of live studios: one with European dealers and the other with Asian dealers. They also have very good mobile live roulette apps for iPhones, Android etc.

Some people just like the authentic feel of playing at real casino, with live dealers. It´s not as fast, but then it´s more social too- you can chat with your fellow players and even chat up the dealer. In terms of odds, both versions of the game deliver the same chance of winning (as long as you are comparing virtual European Roulette with Virtual live dealer European Roulette, for example. Unless there is an imperfection in their wheel of course, but then that is a whole different conversation . ;)

If you play live roulette at 32Red Casino, they even have a Playboy live casino with Playboy Bunny croupiers!

What Exactly is A Live Casino?

Well, it´s not actually ”alive”. Unlike virtual casinos, live casinos have real life croupiers on the other side of the table. It´s a bit like the roulette you see on satellite TV (eg on BSkyB). Rather than having what´s called a random number generator (RNG) spinning your wheel, there is an actual person at the roulette wheel that interacts with you. You can ask them questions about the various bets (such as the more exotic bets like Voisins Du Zero or Black Splits), or you can just have a chat. It´s less impersonal and more social! (You can also have a chat with the other players).

The Best Live Roulette

As always, this is a matter of opinion. Many of the top casino games developers like Playtech and Microgaming have joined the live casino bandwagon and now have their own studios located in places like Eastern Europe, Latvia and so on. The technology is pretty good, and the web can streams are pretty slick, but persoanlly speaking, we like to play with croupiers who have a good level of English, as this is our mother tongue, and this is not always the case with some of these studios. The way it works, is that Playtech, or whoever, will run the studio and then beam that our to multiple casino partners.

Some of the bigger players like Paddy Power have their own exclusive tables, which is better, but if we are playing live roulette, we prefer to play on a table developed by companies like Evolution Gaming who specialise in this area. You can really tell the difference in quality of the feed. Immersive roulette, for example, has lots of different camera angles and they work hard to immerse you in the game- hence the name. You can play this at Royal Panda casino.

The other live casinos we enjoy playing at are the ones that specialise in live games, such as Smartlive Casino and to a lesser extent Supercasino. Smartlive in particular has an impressive amount of tables and their feed are very slick. There´s always plenty of action going on here.

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