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Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

Test out Premier Roulette Diamond edition below (free play), or play the demo direct at Wombat Casino.
You can also test out the first Premier Roulette to come out on this free play section. This ”Diamond Edition” is the newer game and has an even more luxurious feel to it. It’s particularly good for Martingale players, as it has a x2 Double your Bet Option. Good for High Rollers: (max bet on outside bets is £1000, £125 on inside bets depending on the casino). Only IGT’s Player’s Suite Roulette has a bigger limit (£3000). Or try the Roulette High Roller game at Mr Green which is from Net Entertainment.

Both this variant and the older Premier Roulette are well suited to advanced players- they include many more bets in their Advanced Modes, such as the Call Bets, Red Splits and so on. You can also Auto Play up to 500 spins. We wouldn’t recommend doing that on a roulette table though.

The Best Casinos For Premier Roulette (Diamond)

1. Wombat Casino
£200 bonus. Good on mobiles and tablets too.

2. UK Casino Club
£ 700 bonus at this premium UK Casino.

3. Betway
A solid brand with a £250 bonus.

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition Demo Clip

We Love
• The Statistics Graphs
• Ability to change the table colour (why not?!)
• Option to turn off music and ambient sounds, dealer voice etc in ”Options”
• Turbo mode- it´s faster, but not instantaneous, so you still get that feeling you are playing through the spins.
• Good for Martingale players as it has a double up x2 rebet.
• The Advanced Mode (click the text link at the bottom. This brings up a race track betting area and all the call bets you can think of (well not all, but most of them).

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On the Negative Side
• The piano player is a bit two dimensional on his or her playing! You can switch the background music off if you like- just click on Options at the bottom of the game.
• The navigation can be tricky, especially getting into the Advanced Mode which is via a small link at the bottom of the game. It’s not that easy to spot!


Hit the View Statistics button to get an overview of the historical results. The roulette chart shows hot numbers and it also displays the distribution of red/black, odd even and hi/lo numbers on the even money bets plus the distribution of the dozens and the columns.

If you hit the Options link at the bottom of the game, a mini window pops up that allows you to customise the game- this is where you switch on Turbo Mode and switch the sounds on and off, and so on (just in case that piano tinkling away in the background starts to get on your nerves. The player doesn´t seem to know many songs!)

You can also elect to show your win summary after each spin (we use this) and clear the table before placing saved layouts (again, pretty useful so that you don´t make any mistakes betting).

On the sound control, you can either switch on the dealer voice, the background sounds (that piano!) and the game sounds individually, or you can just switch them all off.

Play Premier (Diamond) at any of our recommended Microgaming roulette casinos, such as Spin Palace, UK Casino Club or Betway.

Change Table Layout
Another feature is the Change Table button which allows you to choose a different colour for the roulette table. Maybe your lucky colour is red? Choose from a selection of greens, reds and blues.

OK- so this is not exactly a game changer for most people, but it´s a nice touch.

Overall- a well designed game. Premier Roulette Diamond is not stuffed with too many features making it very clear and satisfying to play in regular mode. If you are playing Call bets change to Advanced Mode through the text link at the bottom of the game- it can be easy to miss!

Overall, this tends to be our ”Go To” game if we are playing on a desktop or a laptop. It’s a shame there’s no mobile version.

Play the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition For Free

One of the great aspects about playing at an online casino is that there are many varieties of the most popular games. Many of these games, like Premier Roulette Diamond Edition, are typically not offered at any land-based casinos, but thrive online with players because they’re so much fun. On this page, we’ll review the rules and odds of this specific version of the game, discuss the game’s advantages and disadvantages, as well as outline important aspects of the game players should be aware of before playing.

Try A Game Now For Free!

The game below allows you to play Premier Roulette Diamond Edition without having to sign up with a casino. To play, simply click on the game to place a bet and hit play. You can also toggle the game between expert and regular mode depending on your player skill.

  • Live Dealer Games
  • 14 Roulette Variations
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  • Live Dealer Games
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  • Live Dealer Games
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What’s Unique About Premier Roulette Diamond Edition?

The game actually began at land-based casinos in Atlantic City, but has really risen to popularity online. The biggest difference this Internet gambling game offers is that there are more colours than just black and red. Instead, players will see red, black, yellow, green, purple, and blue.

The game is offered in both European (one zero) or American (two zero) versions. Another interesting aspect to the online version of Premier Roulette Diamond Edition for real money is that the game is played with other live players. While this might make the game take a little longer than other online roulette games, it does offer a community aspect to the table.

At A Glance:

  • Premier Roulette Diamond Edition offers a great twist on regular roulette.
  • The game offers bigger odds with some bets.
  • Know the differences between this game and regular roulette before playing.

Advantages to Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

A major advantage to the game is that it’s extremely fun to play. Being able to bet on green or purple really takes the colour bets to a whole new level. For some reason, you’ll laugh hysterically when you ”hit blue!” while playing roulette, and being able to enjoy that with other online players simultaneously really brings a great energy to the game. Another great advantage is that players can typically chat with each other while play is happening.

Disadvantage to the Game

The problem with adding new colours into the fold is that one of the best bets (red/black) is taken off the table. While the odds of betting red or black are no different than betting even or odd, the point has to be made that one of the more popular bets has been removed from the game.

For some this is a disadvantage, while others look at it as an interesting wrinkle that makes the real money gambling more fun.

”No, you aren’t hallucinating: there really are six colours on the roulette wheel instead of just black and red. You won’t find diamond roulette at a brick-and-mortar casino, but online it’s one of the more popular variations of classic roulette.”

Your Betting Odds

The odds of real money Premier Roulette Diamond Edition are the same as any other version of European or American Roulette. The only difference is that instead of being able to bet on one of two colours (red or black), players can bet on one of six different colours.

If you’re not familiar with the odds of either European or American roulette, be sure to review them, but in short, European Roulette offers a 2.7% house edge and American Roulette has a 5.24% house edge. Players that place a bet on a single number and win get a whopping 35:1 on their money.

History of the Game

While this version of Roulette doesn’t have a long, storied history, we do know it debuted at a land-based casino in Atlantic City in the United States. The game made its way to Las Vegas and was quickly identified as a great online casino game many years ago. In the last few years, the industry has seen this version of the game take off in popularity and it has been a mainstay at almost all online casinos ever since.

The Differences with Regular Online Roulette

As stated earlier, there are two main differences to know about in Premiere Roulette Diamond Edition games. First, instead of having only two colours there are now six different ones: red, black, green, yellow, purple, and blue.

Second, the game is played ”community style” meaning that other players who are logged in can be playing and placing bets at the same table, while also chatting with each other as the wheel turns.

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Premier Roulette Diamond Edition Slot Recension & Omdöme

Även om du spelar Microgaming roulette för skojs skull, bör du känna till reglerna. Först och främst måste du hitta Premier Roulette Diamond Edition spelet. Sen måste du definiera din bankkonto och välja storleken på marker. När du valt storlek på marker ska du klicka på bordet. Ditt valda nummer tänds. Ytterligare spelare kan ta bort sina marker (Ångra eller Rensa knappen) eller dubbla dess storlek (Dubbla knappen). Sen kan du börja spela med knappen Snurra. Men i det här spelet kan du använda Expert knappen för att få chansen att göra flera olika satsningar, som tex ”neighbours”, ”call bets” eller ”bets on the racetrack”. Om du gissat numret som bollen har landat på så kommer du se hur marker dyker upp.

Detta bordsspel är fantastiskt. Spelare kommer att vara glada att veta att utöver ett brett utbud av spel kan de välja mellan 6 olika bord för att göra sitt spel ännu mer spännande. Gratis casinospel kan också vara mycket intressant, och om du är nybörjare i roulette, är det ett perfekt sätt för gratis träning. Premier Roulette Diamond Edition spel från Microgaming finns tillgängligt på våra online casinon och på vår sida i gratis läge. Så missa inte din chans att bli en expert roulette spelare och vinna stort på online roulette för riktiga pengar.

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